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I am a strong supporter of the Health Care Act, and believe in affordable health care for all Americans. I support common sense solutions that combine quality health care with fiscal responsibility, like the implementation of vigorous preventative care systems; the adoption of standard practices that offer incentives for early detection of health issues; the expansion of electronic medical records; and the establishment of small business networks where small business owners come together to form larger buying groups, thereby reducing the cost of coverage to employers while increasing the amount of small businesses that are able to offer their employees’ health insurance coverage. Having served on the Board of Trustees of my local hospital for the past 2 1/2 years I truly see the need for every American to have access to affordable health care. Because many Americans do not have health care, many use their local emergency room doctors as their primary care physician. As a REALTOR, I recognize that many in my field do not have adequate, or at times any health care insurance due to cost. What I have learned is the health care industry as a whole has been waiting for and is now embracing health care reform. I stand committed to the Affordable Care Act.